The science of biomedical materials, deals with the study of the physicochemical properties of substances that are used to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases.

Our research deals with the use of various and varied biomaterials and mainly polymers to optimize and improve the effectiveness of drugs for the treatment of various diseases such as HIV, cancer, tuberculosis and more as well as biomedical devices such as permanent and temporary implants. To this end, we engineer nanoparticles and microparticles that are used as carriers of various drugs in order to dictate the delivery of drugs to places in the body where they are supposed to function.

The research topics we focus on:

  • Polymer and macromolecular chemistry
  • Biomaterials science
  • Microwave-assisted polymer synthesis
  • Drug crystallization and nanocrystals
  • Hybrid polymer-ceramic nanobiomaterials
  • Colloidal chemistry (drug and polymer self-assembly)
  • Nanomedicine (drug encapsulation, release and targeting)
  • Therapy of poverty-related diseases (HIV, tuberculosis), cancer, intestinal diseases
  • Cell culture
  • Pharmacokinetics (oral, inhalatory and intranasal administration routes)

Prof. Alejandro Sosnik

Asst.Prof. Joshua M. Grolman

Asst. Prof. Noy Cohen

Asst. Prof. Luai Khoury