The Materials Industrial Affiliates Program

The Department of Materials Science & Engineering encourages and strives for cooperation with industry in order to meet the mutual needs of businesses, industry and academia. The Faculty also considers the integration of its students and graduates in industry as one of its spheres of responsibility. The Industry Club and the Materials Industrial Affiliates Program (MIAP) were founded to advance and achieve these objectives.

The Department of Materials Science & Engineering is now celebrating its 58th anniversary and is considered an outstanding Faculty and a leader in its field. The Faculty has produced 1,270 graduates: 650 BSc degrees, 460 MSc degrees, and 160 Ph.D. degrees. Our students acquire knowledge, abilities, and understanding from 23 faculty members and senior researchers.

Through the Faculty’s Industry Club, close relations are created between leading industrial companies in their fields and academia, while striving to achieve innovation and excellence. Our students are exposed to advanced work methodologies in industry and also acquire jobs in the industry during their studies, thereby forging the way for their professional careers.

The MIAP benefits package with our business partners includes components of education and training, human resources, research and development, public relations and marketing, which serve as the framework for cooperative efforts between the Faculty and industrial members of the program. The companies in the program are also invited to propose new ideas and challenging ventures and to take part in enriching the dialogue, in deepening the discourse and mutual inspiration so that growth opportunities will be fully tapped for all parties involved.


Our industrial partners


The Benefit Package

The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering offers companies that participate in the Industrial Affiliates Program a varied benefits package in the fields of research and development, human resources and employment, education and instruction, and public relations and marketing.

Following is the basic benefit package, which is the basis for discourse between the academy and the industry. Companies may suggest more ideas and initiatives for collaboration according to their needs.

Human resources and employment

  • The possibility of having a student recruitment day that is exclusive to the company, once per semester
  • Participation in the yearly recruitment day that will be held in the Faculty for several companies at once
  • Sending e-mails to the students (all degrees) regarding recruitment days, prizes and scholarships, conferences, and seminars
  • Sending company job opportunities to the students via e-mail
  • Publishing job opportunities on the Faculty website’s Company Affiliation page
  • Publishing jobs and employment opportunities on an electronic message board in the Faculty lobby

Public relations and marketing

  • The company logo and a link to the company’s website will appear on a Faculty website page that is exclusive to the Industrial Affiliates Program
  • The company logo will appear on the Industrial Affiliates Program board that is located in the main entrance to the Faculty
  • Publication of the company’s activities (seminars, recruitment days, etc.) on an electronic message board in the main entrance to the Faculty
  • Linking select company webpages and presentations to the Industrial Affiliates Program website
  • The possibility of presenting technological exhibitions in the Faculty
  • Company exposure to Faculty members and students (all levels)

Education and instruction

  • Participation in the Industry Leader Advisory Committee
  • Participation in conferences and seminars held by the Faculty
  • Participation in the industry mentoring program to train students
  • Giving short seminars and/or courses exclusive to the company
  • The possibility of company employees giving guest lectures within regular courses
  • The possibility of company employees attending courses via the continuing education program.
  • Access to the Faculty library.

Research and Development

  • Participation in the annual “Research Day” in which Faculty members and their advanced students present their innovative research and development work
  • Collaborating with students on projects for their undergraduate project course
  • Contact with Faculty researchers over a confidential and reliable channel
  • Coordination of joint projects with Faculty laboratories
  • Assistance in finding partners for submission of joint research proposals funded by the Chief Scientist and the European Union
  • Examining the research and development needs of the company and creating connections with the existing capabilities of the Faculty