The mission of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering is to serve as the national center of teaching and research in materials science and engineering.

By educating world class scientists and engineers and conducting cutting edge research in specific fields of materials science and engineering.

The Department offers a unique undergraduate program in materials engineering together with the Department of Physics, the Department of Chemistry, and the Department of Biology. The graduates of this program receive two degrees, a B.Sc. in Materials Engineering and a B.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry or Biology. The criterion for acceptance of students into the department is very high, given the unique blend of fundamental science and engineering provided in our curriculum. Students conduct Senior Projects in materials engineering in cooperation with industry, and are exposed to advanced research methods in materials science and engineering. In addition, a large number of introductory courses and selected undergraduate courses are offered to other departments at the Technion.

The Department of Materials Science & Engineering provides a broad graduate programs for M.Sc., M.E. and Ph.D. degrees in Materials Engineering. Through the combination of course work and advanced research activities the graduate students are provided with a deeper understanding and expertise in selected topics in materials science and engineering. Graduate studies are open to students with a B.Sc. degree from various departments at the Technion and from other universities in Israel and abroad. In the latter case high GRE scores are required (all graduate courses are available in English). Graduate students are classified into two groups: internal students fully supported by stipends; and external students who are concurrently employed in industry. Scholarships and dormitories are available for internal students through the School of Graduate Studies.

The research activities of the department cover most of the important and advanced topics in materials science and engineering. Details can be seen in the personal pages and research-group sites of the faculty members. The department includes a broad range of research centers and laboratories for processing and characterization of materials, that are equipped with a wide range of advanced facilities and are supported by experienced staff.