Undergraduate final project topics

Associate Professor Maytal Caspary-Toroker
Final project suggestions:

  1. Developing new materials for computer-aided reduction of air pollution
  2. Characterizing nanotechnological sensing materials
  3. Using materials to create computer-simulated fuel alternatives
  4. Converting solar energy into electricity using computer virtualization

Professor Eugen Rabkin
Final project suggestions:

  1. Mechano-stimulated equilibration of metal nanoparticles
  2. The metal nanoparticles produced by solid state dewetting method will be indented with the aid of AFM, and recovery of their shape during high-temperature heat treatments will be studied using AFM and high-resolution SEM

Associate Professor Yaron Amouyal
Final project suggestions:

  1. Effects of bismuth alloying on microstructure evolution of Ag2Te precipitates in the thermoelectric compound PbTe
  2. Effects of composition on the microstructure and thermoelectric properties of the δ-phase in the Ag-Sb-Te System

Professor Gitti Frey
Final project suggestions:

  1. Charge transfer at the organic/metal contact in organic photovoltaics
  2. Processing of hybrid photovoltaic materials

Professor Yair Ein-Eli
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Asst. Prof. Elad Koren
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Professor Boaz Pokroy
Final project suggestions:

Structural changes and electronic properties by bio-inspired crystal growth

Professor Wayne D. Kaplan
Final project suggestions:

  1. Surface Modification During TEM Sample Preparation
  2. ZAF Calculations for Quantitative EDS
  3. Two-Step Sintering of Alumina
  4. The Mobility of Grain Boundaries as a Function of Solute Drag in Alumina
  5. The Solubility Limit of Fe in Al2O3

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Asst. Prof. Yehonadav Bekenstein
Final project suggestions:

Engineering electronic properties of perovskite nanoparticles

Asst. Prof. Yonatan Calahorra
Final project suggestions:

  1. Analytical and numerical analysis of the piezotronic effect – the influence of mechanical stress/strain on the metal/semiconductor barrier height.
  2. Studying the processing-structure-piezoelectric property relations in cellulose.
  3. Studying the electromechanical properties of semiconductor devices.