Materials Engineering and Biology

In the combined program for a BSc in materials engineering and biology, students concurrently complete two courses of study – one in materials engineering and the other in biology.

The combined degree program awards its graduates a BSc in Materials Engineering and Biology. This combination imparts graduates with full training as material engineers who can embark on careers in research and development or in the manufacturing industry alike, in those fields requiring specific expertise in biology.

The first part of the curriculum places emphasis on the in-depth study of basic subjects (mathematics, physics, chemistry and computers). Already during their freshman year, students complete the introductory courses in materials engineering and in biology.

The second part of the curriculum includes compulsory courses in materials engineering, during which students acquire a scientific foundation for each of the disciplines comprising materials engineering, and advanced biology courses.

The compulsory courses include:

  1. The fundamental courses in materials science: thermodynamics, kinetics and the mechanical behavior of materials.
  2. Courses focusing on methodologies for characterizing the structure, composition and various properties of materials.
  3. Courses focusing on materials processing and on properties of semiconductors, metals, plastics and ceramics.
  4. Concurrently, students complete the compulsory courses in biology, such as: biology 1, introduction to biochemistry and enzymology, general genetics, metabolic tracks, etc.

During the final part of the curriculum, students specialize in one of the following disciplines: electronic materials, polymers, metallurgy or ceramics. Specialization is acquired primarily through elective courses (out of the lists of elective courses of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and of the Department of Biology) and through the completion of advanced projects. Students’ participation in laboratory work is an integral part of the curriculum, during which students conduct experiments and acquire hands-on knowledge about phenomena and processes.

The BSc in Materials Engineering and Biology is 4.5-year combined degree program.

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