Undergraduate experience and the undergraduate handbook

Big brother – the Technion’s coaching project offers freshmen in their first semester a free social coach. The coach helps freshmen to quickly and easily acclimate to college life at the Technion.

The students’ association  – representatives of all study programs in the Faculty take an active part in the students’ association, as do students who want to be socially active and contribute to the way of life in the Faculty. The purposes of the students’ association are to take care of students’ welfare and to represent them.

In the academic sphere – the association represents the students opposite the academic staff and strives to build convenient course and exam schedules to ensure the students’ maximum success during their degree studies. The association has also adopted a motto of ‘familyhood’ in the Faculty, to create a learning atmosphere in which students share and help each other.

In the social sphere – the association organizes social activities with unifying and principled content, such as parties, semester solidarity evenings and active breaks. The association also organizes “science clubs” – pizza and beer evenings during which enrichment lectures are presented on topics relevant to materials engineering, geared to both industry and research.

In the Technion sphere – representatives of the semester from all faculties constitute the general assembly of the students’ association. The association represents the students opposite the administration in relation to all aspects – academic, social, daily campus life, welfare, dormitories, study support, and adjustments for those serving in the military reserves and for other populations.

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