Interfaces in Materials

Interfaces are ubiquitous in modern material systems, and are responsible for many of the electrical, optical, magnetic and mechanical properties. 

As the length-scale of polycrystalline and thin film systems is reduced to the nanometer range, interfaces become even more critical in defining the material properties.  The general field of interfaces includes grain boundaries (interfaces between crystals of the same phase), solid-solid phase boundaries, solid-liquid interfaces, and free surfaces.

Modern interface science deals with issues such as:

  • Interface segregation and surface adsorption;
  • Atomistic reconstruction at interfaces and surfaces;
  • Interface diffusion;
  • Wetting and spreading;
  • The atomistic structure and chemistry of interfaces;
  • Grain boundary mobility and evolving microstructures.

Research on fundamental interface science is conducted by:

Prof. Wayne D. Kaplan

Prof. Eugen Rabkin

Assoc. Prof. Maytal Caspary Toroker

Prof. Yehonadav Bekenstein

Assoc. Prof. Shlomo Berger

Prof. Alejandro Sosnik

Prof. Michael S. Silverstein

Assoc. Prof. Yachin Ivry

Prof. Yair‌ Ein-Eli‌‌‌‌‌

Prof. Boaz Pokroy

Prof. Gitti Frey

Asst. Prof. Elad Koren

Asst. Prof. Yoav Kalcheim

Prof. Avner Rothschild