PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

This program is intended for industrial engineers with suitable backgrounds and experience who are interested in earning a PhD. This course of study deepens the foundation of knowledge about materials engineering, focusing on reliability, quality control and on management and economic topics.

Admission requirements

  1. MSc with a cumulative average grades and MSc final examination score of at least 90.
  2. Finding a faculty member who will agree to be your advisor (prior to submitting an application).
  3. Successful interviews by the Faculty’s Admissions Committee.

The course requirements are as specified on the Graduate School’s website. Follow this link.

PhD candidates will be required:

  1. to submit a research proposal that will serve as a basis for candidacy consideration within 11 months of the start of the program and to pass the candidacy examination;
  2. to conduct extensive original research, present a seminar, submit a dissertation and pass the final examination. The research will be considered of value if it is at a standard fit to be published in an internationally renowned scientific journal and it significantly advances knowledge and understanding of the research topic;
  3. to earn 8 credit points in graduate courses.