ME in Materials Engineering

This program is intended for industrial engineers with suitable backgrounds and experience who are interested in acquiring a master’s degree.

This course of study deepens the foundation of knowledge about materials engineering, focusing on reliability, quality control and on management and economic topics.

Admission requirements

Enrollment is open to graduates of engineering faculties fulfilling the Faculty’s admission requirements for thesis-track master’s degree studies, and who fulfill the Graduate School’s requirements, as well as to graduates of an engineering faculty who have earned at least 120 points at a minimum average grade of 80. At least two letters of recommendation must be attached to your application.

Course requirements

Course requirements are at the volume of 40 credit points and include:

  1. Core courses (at least 4 credits)
  2. Materials engineering courses
  3. Management and economics courses – optional (up to 12 credits)
  4. Advanced seminar in materials engineering (up to 6 credits).

ME students wanting to switch to a research track towards an MSc in Materials Science and Engineering will be required to obtain the consent of a faculty member to be the research advisor and approval of the departmental graduate degree committee, according to the school’s regulations. Graduates of this program who want to be accepted to a PhD program will be required to supplement their research within the framework of “non-degree” studies, according to the determination of the departmental graduate degree committee and the school’s regulations.


For additional information, contact
Esti Shwartz, Graduate studies coordinator
Telephone 077-8873845

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