LAB NDG Publications

Selected Papers

A. Ostrovsky and S. Berger
Boracite Nano-Crystals Formation Inside Alumina Nano-Pores at Low Temperatures from Aqueous Solution”.
Advanced porous Materials, vol.5, 1-6 (2017).

H. Beshara and S.Berger
“Piezoelectric ultra-sensitive aluminum nitride thin film of flexible aluminum substrate” Journal of Material Science, 53:1246-1255 (2018).

H. Beshara and S. Berger
“Highly sensitive piezoelectric response of Sodium Nitrite nano-crystals to low applied mechanical pressures”. Journal of Material Science and Engineering A 8(5-6), 85-94 (2018).

Chapters in Books

S. Berger
“Dielectric Properties of Nanoparticles”, Review chapter (#13) in a Book Series on Advances in Nanophase Materials and Nanotechnology, ( Functionalization and Surface Treatment of Nanoparticles), Vol. Editor Marie Isabelle Baraton, Managing Editor, H.S. Nalwa, American Scientific Publishers, CA, USA, August, 2002.

S. Berger
“Dielectric Properties of Nanoparticles” Review chapter in the Encyclopedia of Nanoscience   and Nanotechnology” Edited by H.S. Nalwa, American Scientific Publishers, CA, USA, March 2004.