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Shlomo Berger – Group Leader

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Dr. Ginat Goren
Ph.D. Thesis title: “Study of microstructure of  nanocrystalline WC powder during sintering”. (co-supervision with prof. A. Rosen)
Graduation – March 2000

Dr. Tamar Tepper
Ph.D. Thesis title: “Microstructure and electrical properties of nanocomposites”.
Graduation – December 2000

Dr. Yariv Drezner
Ph.D. Thesis title:” Ultra-thin ferroelectric thin films”.
Graduation – January 2005

Dr. Doron Yadlovker
Ph.D. Thesis title: Development of an ordered array of nanometer-sized ferroelectric domains.
Graduation – 2008

Dr. Roman Yasinov
Ph.D. Thesis title: Piezoelectric Nano-composite thin films
Graduation – April 2010

Dr. Michal Nitzani
Ph.D. Thesis title: Growth and properties of nanometer-size pyroelectric Crystals
Graduation – November 2010

Dr. Shay Yosef
Ph.D. Thesis title:  Transparent conductive thin dielectric films.
Graduation – September 2014

Dr. Hanna Beshara
Ph.D. Thesis title:  “Piezoelectric response of dielectric nano-crystals to low applied mechanical pressures”
Graduation – September 2018


Mr. Michael Regev,
M.Sc. Thesis title: ” The influence of thermal processes on the properties of T22 steel to T91 steel weldments”.
(co-supervision with Prof. Ben-Zion Weiss).
Graduation – 1994

Mr. Hussen Hag Hamda,
M.Sc. Thesis title: ” Mechanical alloying of Cu-Si alloys”.
Graduation – 1996

Mr. Ithy Beranski,
M.Sc. Thesis title: ” Thin amorphous diffusion barrier films between amorphous Si substrate and Al film”.
Graduation – 1996

4 Mrs. Olga Raslin,
M.Sc. Thesis title: “In-situ stress measurements in Al/TiW/Si(100) system “.
Graduation – 1997

Mr. Yariv Drezner
M.Sc. Thesis title:” Correlation between microstructure, composition and optical properties of CVD ZnS”.
Graduation – January 2001

Mrs. Hedva Zipin,
M.Sc. Thesis title: “ Stresses in thin oxide films deposited at low temperatures on various substrates”.
Graduation – January 2001

Mrs. Odelia Boni
M.Sc. Thesis title: “Dielectric properties of nanocomposites structures”.
Graduation – June 2001

Mrs. Haika Moshe
M.Sc. Thesis title: Electro-optical behavior of Ferroelectric thin films
Graduation – Februry 2005

Mrs. Keren Zohar
M.Sc. Thesis title: Piezoresistive thin nano-composite film.
Expected Graduation – January 2013

Mr. Hanna Bishara
M.Sc. thesis – “Growth of sodium nitrite nano-crystals inside  a nano-porous array.”
Graduation – June 2014

Mr. Tomer Liviatan
M.Sc. thesis- “Development of copper oxide based electrode for thermal batteries”
Graduation – December 2014

Mr. Avi ostrovsky
M.Sc. thesis – “Nucleation and Growth of Crystals made of Boracite type Phases in a Highly Dense Array of Alumina Nano-pores”.
Graduation – December 2014


Mrs. Guifang Huang
Research subject: Combined Effect of Thickness and Stress on Ferroelectric Behavior of Thin BaTiO3 Films. (2001-2002)