Porosimetry Micromeritics equipment: TriStar II

TriStar II 3200 is a high-performance adsorption analyzer for measuring surface area, adsorption, pore size, and pore volume of powders and porous materials (meso-porous: from 2nm to 50 nm).

  • Area can be measured up to 0.01 m2/ gr using the standard N2 system. Option Kr can extend the area measurements up to 0.001 m2/ gr .
  • Data reduction Micromeritics MicroActive software allows to user interactively calculate the surface area and porous size of the sample. Sophisticated data processing analysis makes it possible to obtain results according to different models like BET, BJH and DFT.

TriStar II 3020 specifications:

  • Range: 0-950 mmHg
  • Resolution: Within 0.05 mmHg
  • Accuracy: Within 0.5%
  • P/Po range: 0.3 to 1.0 P/Po
  • Total Surface Area: Within 0.05 mmHg
  • Specific Surface Area: From 0.01 m2/g, nitrogen unit
  • Linearity 0 to 1.0 P/Po: Within 0.25% of full scale