Elad Mentovitch

Elad manages the advanced technologies department at Mellanox Technologies and about 20 employees. After completing his BSc at the Technion in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and his MSc and PhD at Tel-Aviv University in physical chemistry, he focused his career on optics and semiconductors. Elad holds more than 60 patents and patent applications.

Elad enjoys participating in multidisciplinary joint projects between Israel, the United States and the European Union.

Additionally, Elad loves to quote sections of Hanoch Levin’s plays and, thanks to his perfect pitch, he particularly enjoys listing to concerts of Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff. Elad never stops being creative and inventive, even when he is doing his most favorite thing – spending quality time with his children.

Elad summarizes his learning experience in the Faculty:

My studies in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering succeeded in teaching me an important parallel dual approach – on the one hand, the forefront of global scientific research knowledge and, on the other hand, how to transform knowledge into an engineering question.