Adam Hoffman

My name is Adam Hoffman. I’m 33, happily married to Roni and the father of two children. We live in Kibbutz Hahotrim. I earned my BA in economics and business administration from Haifa University through an IDF naval officer program.

When I completed my military service (at the age of 26), I began my studies at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, in a combined degree program in Materials Engineering and Chemistry. I made this choice due to my familiarity with the subject that I acquired from my father, who has a degree in this field, and the understanding that, in order to acquire an engineering and management “toolbox,” I need to learn everything – from the scientific foundations to the engineering applications. I completed my degree in 2016. Back in 2014, I founded a startup company in the field of synthetic diamonds for a variety of industrial applications, out of the understanding that the use of super-materials has the power to advance the economy and society in myriad ways.

The company has since expanded into several sectors and employs about 50 employees in various localities around the world, most of whom are Technion alumni engineers.

Today, I consider my studies in the Faculty as a high-quality springboard to the most advanced industrial arenas in Israel and abroad.