FT-IR: Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is an analytical methodology used in industry and academic laboratories to understand the structure of individual molecules and the composition of molecular mixtures. FTIR spectroscopy uses modulated, mid-infrared energy to interrogate a sample. The infrared light is absorbed at specific frequencies directly related to the atom-to-atom vibrational bond energies in the molecule. When the bond energy of the vibration and the energy of mid-infrared light are equivalent, the bond can absorb that energy. Different bonds in a molecule vibrate at different energies, and therefore absorb different wavelengths of the IR radiation (450cm-1-4000cm-1). The position (frequency) and intensity of these individual absorption bands contribute to the overall spectrum, creating a characteristic fingerprint of the molecule.


The Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS50 spectrometer is an FT-IR spectrometer with integrated features for performing a wide range of experiments and applications. The system includes performance verification features, a powerful software package and many other features that make data collection easier. It includes various accessories for the analysis of different samples:

  • ATR accessory-for analysis of solids, liquids and powders

  • Smart ARK-horizontal ATR (ZnSe crystal material)- for analysis of solids, liquids and powders. Allows multiple internal reflection
  • Transmission accessory-Allows analysis of liquids, thin layers and thin pressed pellets

OMNIC and OMNIC software allows characterize functional groups, to compare different spectra, identify a mixture of materials,  and data processing.

FT-IR equipped  within more than 30 different libraries for molecule identification.