DSC: DSC 3+ Mettler Toledo

DSC measures the enthalpies associated with transitions and chemical reactions and determines the temperature at which these processes occur.

The instrument allows :

  • Determine melting point and enthalpy of fusion
  • Crystallization and super-cooling behavior
  • Solid-solid transitions and polymorphism
  • Glass transition and amorphous materials
  • Chemical reactions, decomposition reactions, vulcanization and polymerization
  • Calculate enthalpies of reactions

Instrument specifications

  • Temperature range: -150oC to 700 °C
  • Heating rate: 0.2 to 300 K/min
  • Sample: Solid, liquid
  • TAWN resolution (FRS/HSS): 0.12/0.2
  • TAWN sensitivity (FRS /HSS): 11.9/56

A typical DSC curve of a semi crystalline polymer:

  1. Initial deflection proportional to the sample’s heat capacity
  2. DSC curve with no thermal effect (baseline)
  3. Glass transition of amorphous fraction
  4. Cold crystallization
  5. Melting of the crystalline fraction
  6. Oxidative degradation in air