Students talk about their studies in the Faculty

Hi. My name is Yarden. I am 20 and at the end of my freshman year in the Gvishim Program for IDF academic reservists.

During high school, I acquired experience doing research projects on materials, and I was always drawn to research. That is why, when the Gvishim program was launched, I knew that I wanted to apply to this program. The program provides students not only with an amazing opportunity to study in the Faculty, with tuition funded by the IDF and guaranteed housing in the Technion’s dormitories, but also with an amazing social framework and a special IDF unit that is comprised of the Gvishim program’s academic reservists.

A student’s final research project in the Gvishim program is carried out in full collaboration with the IDF unit in which the academic reservist will be serving, and focuses on current issues that are important to the reality out in the field and to the academic world alike. The student then continues directly to MSc studies and writing a thesis – all within the 5-year program.

After these five years, Gvishim graduates are inducted into the units that collaborated with them on the research, as officers leading research and development projects. The Gvishim program actually enables me to earn my MSc already by the age of 23-24, to professionalize in a field that fascinates me and to serve in the IDF in a meaningful role in which I personally can contribute the maximum.

Hi. My name is Shani. I am 25 and in my junior year towards a BSc in Materials Engineering.

Four years ago, I came to an open-house day on campus and decided to join the Faculty. This was the best decision that I could have made. I have always been interested in gaining a thorough understanding of phenomena that spark my interest. After a quick glance through the syllabus, I realized that the extremely broad field of materials is the right choice. As I think about it, I am learning about things that relate to every aspect of life and about things that I didn’t even realize that interested me. During my studies towards a BSc in Materials Engineering, I am acquiring very important tools for pursuing a career as a researcher or for a career in industry.

I selected the regular four-year track. I knew that, after my freshman year, I could decide whether I want to add the additional track later on, depending upon my interest and work load. As time went by, I didn’t feel the need to delve into another subject. I loved the courses that are particular to our track and, after seeking advice and clarifications, I discovered that the range of jobs during my studies and after graduation is quite broad. I am very satisfied with my choice and, since mid-way through my junior year, I am already working at a student job. This path is not always simple and is definitely challenging, but my sense of satisfaction and interest far outweigh everything else.

In the social sphere, during my time at the Faculty, I made friends not only with classmates, who have become my second family, and studying with them is enjoyable and helpful, but I have also met lecturers and researchers whose voices will continue to echo within me and guide me in the future.

I have been a representative of our track since the winter of 2018 and I’m also continuing this coming winter. Our student union is comprised of high-quality and amazing people, and I am happy to be part of it, to contribute and to have influence. The atmosphere and the parties are an integral part of us. Our Faculty is not very large and that is an advantage, as it contributes to the homey and supportive atmosphere (and that is important, because we spend more time here than at home).

Hi. My name is Chen. I am 30 and in my junior year towards a BSc  in Materials Engineering and Physics.

I chose the Materials-Physics track because I wanted to study a science subject in depth combined with an engineering subject. Our faculty allowed me to do this in light of the fact that the studies in the faculty are engineering studies with a very dominant scientific aspect, and in addition the studies in the science faculty are carried out in full format and without waivers of courses in favor of the combined degree. The Materials-Physics track is a busy, challenging and very interesting track. Physics studies are of a mathematical and analytical nature and therefore provide a very deep and unique perspective on the material taught in advanced semesters in materials courses.

Beyond the great interest and type of studies, there is another important parameter and that is the faculty’s attitude towards students and the feeling that accompanies us throughout the studies at the faculty. The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering excels in this regard. The faculty has a very family atmosphere and when the faculty knows the students by name and is willing to cooperate exceptionally, the studies become a much better experience and there is a strong sense of security that we will always receive help and support to complete the degree successfully. This is very clearly evident in the Corona period, during which a lot of adjustments and changes were required on the part of the faculty as well as the students. The faculty was very attentive to our needs and the attempt to help and collaborate together was very much felt.

Socially, students from all tracks and even between the various cycles are very cohesive. Help with any subject, related or unrelated to studies, is very accessible and there are many platforms that aim to help students pass the degree. In addition, the faculty has a dominant and active student council that works regularly with the faculty for the benefit of the students. Studying for a degree in Materials-Physics requires a very large investment, but the interest, the atmosphere in the faculty and the degree members make the experience very positive and rewarding.

Hi. My name is Moore Hagai I’m at the end of my fourth year in Materials Engineering and Biology.

Materials Engineering and Biology – Why did I choose this degree ?!

Going back a bit in time, in the post-military era, I sat and debated what I would do with my bachelor’s degree, but one thing I knew – I wanted to pursue the field of biomed! So I sat down and researched and from all the diverse possibilities of degrees that combine the life sciences, I decided to choose a degree in materials engineering and biology.

Very quickly I began to study the subject of materials and at the same time biology but I could not understand the connection between them … but with the passing of time in the degree suddenly things connect – understanding materials was an integral part of understanding biology! The connection between the fields, even if it seems obvious at first, is fascinating, important and opens the door to the field of biomed.

Looking back and realizing that the combination of materials engineering along with biology was the right thing to learn!


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