LAB MCIG Publications

List of Theses

  • Dr. Mor Baram (Ritterband) – Morphology and Thermodynamics of Thin Equilibrium Films at Metal-Ceramic Interfaces
  • Gali Gluzer – Influence of Processing on the Microstructure and Properties of Ni-Al2O3 Nanocomposites
  • Dr. Miri Drozdov – Microstructural Evolution of Al-Cu Intermetallic Phases in Wire-Bonding
  • Dr. Yaron Kauffmann – Ordering at a model solid-liquid interface
  • Dr. Amir Avishai – Thin Equilibrium Amorphous Films at a Model Metal-Ceramic Interface
  • Dr. Hila Sadan – Energy and Morphology of Solid-Solid Au-Sapphire Interfaces
  • Yechezkel Ashuach – The Influence of Sintering Additives on the Microstructure and Properties of AlON
  • Dr. Tzipi Cohen-Hyams – Electrodeposition of Thin Metallic Magnetic Films
  • Dr. Yaron Kauffmann – Characterization of micro-strains in nano-crystalline materials
  • Dr. Adham Hashibon – Atomistic Study of Structural Correlations at a Model Solid/Liquid-Metal Interface
  • Dr. George Levy – Energy and Structure of Nickel-Alumina Interfaces


Amir Avishai

  • The Effect of Anorthite Glass on the Wetting of Ni on Sapphire
  • The Influence of Si-Ca Additions of Interface Structure and Chemistry in Cu-Al2O3 Composites

Tzipi Cohen

  • Microstructural Dependence of Giant-Magnetoresistance of Electrodeposited Cu-Co Alloys

Miri Drozdov

  • Cu-Al Wire-Bonding
  • Al-Cu Wire-Bonding – Microstructual Investigation

 Ilanit Fisher

  • Study of Porous Silica Based Films as Low-k Dielectric Materials and their Interface with Copper Metallization

 Gali Gluzer

  • The Effect of Sintering on the Microstructure of Ni-Al2O3 Nanocomposites

Wayne D. Kaplan

  • Detection & Measurement of Nanometer-Sized Pores in Amourphous Materials by HRTEM

 Adi Karpel

  • Soldering Optical Fibers Using Ni-Nio-Sn
  • Microstructural Evolution of Gold-Aluminum Wire Bonds
  • Microstructural Analysis of Al-Au Wire-Bonds
  • Morphological Analysis of Gold Free Air Balls Using Ion Imaging

Yaron Kauffmann

  • Method for Sample Preparation of Nano-Particles for High Resolution Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation
  • A Quantitatve Comparison of Filtering Algorithms for HRTEM Micrographs
  • Characterization of Microstructural Parameters in Nano-Crystalline Materials
  • Computer Simulations (MD & EMS) for the Determination of the Imaging Conditions in the Study of Solid-Liquid Interfaces by HRTEM

 Mike Lieberthal

  • Microstructure Characterization of α-Al2O3 Reinforced with Nano-Ni Particles

 Tzachi Levin

  • MD Simulations of Nanometer-Sized Sessile Drops

Lior Miller

  • Direct Measurement of PPM-Level Solubility Limits in Polycrystalline Ceramics – MgO in Al2O3
  • Processing Aluminum Oxynitride

Thangadurai Paramasivam

  • Characterization of the Dielectric Layer of MIS Capacitors by EFTEM and EDS in the Transmission Electron Microscope
  • Electron Microscopy of the Interface of YBa2Cu3O7-x-SrTiO3 Prepared by Pyrolysis of A Polymer Precursor

 Mati Rachamim

  • Monte Carlo Simulations of BSE Signals and Quantitative Measurements via a Characterized BSE Detector

 Mor Ritterband

  • Thin Equilibrium Films at Metal-Ceramic Interfaces
  • Intergranular Films at Au-Sapphire Interfaces
  • Structural Evaluation of Nanometric Intergranular Films at Metal-Ceramic Interfaces

 Hila Sadan

  • Au-Sapphire(0001) Solid-Solid Interfacial Energy
  • FIB for TEM
  • Morphology and Orientation of Equilibrated Au-Sapphire Interfaces
  • Correlation of Interfacial Energy with Orientation at Ni-Sapphire Interfaces