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The advanced lab in the Material Science and engineering Department is equipped with cutting-edge instruments that enable us to prepare our students to leading roles both in research and in the industry.

As part of the advanced-lab courses that take place during the fourth and final year of the bachelor degree, the students perform experiments that combine (1) sample and device preparation and (2) their structural and functional characterization, using updated analytical techniques. This way, we enable our students to be a part of a complete process and even witness the applicable side of the device.

The experiments include fabrication and characterization of microelectronic devices, solar cells, and ion-lithium batteries. Moreover, the students get to work with advanced characterization equipment such as SEM, TEM, AFM, optical microscopy and XRD. In addition, they prepare their samples using thermal evaporation system, photolithographic exposure unit and CVD evaporator for transparent ceramic optical devices.

The equipment used in the advanced lab course is also available for research purposes in the faculty and outside of it. The facilities include:

  • PVD4 Vinci Thermal Evaporator – for thin layer deposition
  • AFM XE100 Park – for topographic imaging
  • Phenom XL Thermo Scientific Desktop SEM – for surface imaging and sample-composition analysis.
  • XRD Rigaku miniflex – for sample composition, phase and crystallographic analysis.
  • Instron – for mechanical properties testing.
  • Signatone 4 point probe – for sheet-resistance measurements.
  • Cary100 Agilent Spectrophotometer – for optical characterization.
  • MILA 5000 ULVAC RTA – for high-temperature treatments.


In addition to the advance lab course, during the bachelor degree, the students participate in several lab courses:


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