Based upon the policy of the Graduate School, the Department of Science & Materials Engineering establishes the criteria for awarding scholarships to graduate students at its sole discretion.

There are different types of scholarships:

  • A full scholarship (with a tuition fee waiver)
  • A partial scholarship (includes a 1/3 tuition fee reduction)
  • A tuition scholarship (for soldiers in mandatory military service)

A graduate student who is awarded a full scholarship may work as a teaching assistant in the Technion for up to 3 teaching assistant points, but may not work in any other occupation whatsoever. A graduate student who receives a partial scholarship may work up to 80 hours per month in the Technion, or up to 3 days a week outside the Technion.

Duration of the scholarship awards:

  • Students in the M.Sc. program – up to 24 months
  • Students in the Ph.D. program – up to 42 months
  • Students in the direct doctoral program – up to 60 months.

The Department reserves the right to alter the scholarship conditions at anytime during the course of studies.