Prof. Emeritus Lev Arie Levin, OBM

  • M.Sc, 1954 (Univ. of Vilna)
  • D.Sc. 1967 (Technion)

The main field of the scientific activity of Prof. Levin is Physical Metallurgy. Since he received his D.Sc. degree he has been active in Diffusion and Kinetics of Phase Transitions in Solids, the Thermodynamics of Alloys, Phase Stability, Electronic Structure of Metals. Materials investigated: Steels, superalloys, titanium alloys, structural intermetallics. Prof. Levin has conducted cooperative research projects with scientists from the United States, Germany, Italy, South Africa. During his sabbaticals and leave of absence he held senior scientific positions in the U.S. Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB, the Physical Research Laboratory of CSIR, S.A., the University of Ancona, Italy, etc. Concurrently with his research work Prof. Levin has been teaching numerous graduate and undergraduate courses in the fields of his expertise. Prof. Levin has served as the head of the committee for studies towards the first degree at the Department and the chairman of the Department’s committee for graduate studies.

Among the activities of his research group: Development of structural intermetallics with improved mechanical properties and resistant to degradation at high temperatures and hostile environments. The path of this investigation is based on micro- and macroalloying by ternary additions and on multi-stage thermal treatments that provide the desired phase structure of the material. There is a continuous effort towards the development of unique titanium alloys microstructure, and enhanced fatigue properties by the use of hydrogen as a temporary alloying element. The process is known at TCT (or HDH), it was patented in the U.S.A. and is described in the latest edition of the Metals Handbook. Research is conducted on diffusion in multicomponent and multiphase systems, diffusion on grain boundaries accompanied by new phase formation, and on electromigration.

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  • Structure and Properties of Multicomponent L1o Intermetallics at Ambient and High Temperatures.
  • Intermetallic Protective Layers (Fe-Al-X): Formation Kinetics, Structure and Stability.
  • Grain Boundary Oxidation and Disintegration of Ni-Al and Ni-Cr alloys.