Prof. Emeritus David G. Brandon

  • B.A. 1956 (Cambridge University)
  • Ph.D. 1959 (Cambridge University)

On receiving his doctorate Prof. Brandon joined the staff of the Department of Metallurgy at Cambridge where he was in charge of a program of the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority for the development of field ion microscopy. In 1963 he moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where he worked for the Battelle Memorial Institute. In 1966 he joined the Technion, and in 1967 he was appointed to the Arturo Gruenebaum Chair. He was a Senior SRC Fellow at the University of Cambridge, England, and a Visiting Senior Scientist at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines, Paris. He was a Visiting Fellow of Wolfson College at Oxford University and a Visiting Scholar at Lehigh University, U.S.A. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (U.K.) and of IoM3 (U.K.). He is also a Fellow of A.S.M. International and the American Ceramic Society. He has held numerous administrative posts at the Technion, including Head of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Chairman of the Technion Senate-Students Joint Committee, Director of the Israel Institute of Metals and Director of the Materials Research Center. He was Coordinator for International Student Exchange at the Technion and head of the Technion Center for Pre-University Education. He has served on the Board of Governors of Acta Metallurgical Inc. (USA), The Technion R&D Foundation Ltd. and Cerel, Advanced Ceramic Technologies Ltd (Israel).

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  • The evolution of interface models for solids
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