Assoc. Prof. Yaron Amouyal

  • B.A. 2001, Physics (Technion)
  • B.Sc. 2001, Materials Engineering (Technion
  • M.Sc. 2003, Materials Engineering (Technion)
  • Ph.D. 2007, Materials Engineering (Technion)

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After graduating from the Technion in 2007 (Ph.D.), Yaron joined the department of Materials Science and Engineering at Northwestern University (Evanston IL, USA – ) as aMarie Curie post-doctoral research associate in the framework of the International Outgoing Fellowship (IOF) program of the European Union.

In 2010 Yaron came back to the Faculty of Materials Engineering, Technion, for his re-integration phase as a Senior Researcher at the Technion Research and Development Foundation (TRDF). Yaron is a member of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS), the Materials Research Society (MRS), the American Physical Society (APS), and the Israel Physical Society (IPS).


Adjusting the properties of thermoelectric materials for energy applications by nanostructuring

One of the fundamental and intriguing questions in materials science is how to control functional properties of materials by manipulating their microstructure. An outstanding example for a functional property that is highly sensitive to the finest features of microstructure is thermoelectricity. In the thermoelectric (TE) effect thermal energy is converted into electrical energy and vice-versa. TE devices can, therefore, serve for heat-exchange or refrigerating as well as for capturing waste heat and converting it into electricity; the latter has major implications for energy harvesting.

The performance of TE materials can be improved by increasing their electrical conductivity and/or reducing their thermal conductivity. These two requirements are usually contradictory, which makes the development of TE materials a grand challenge from the materials science point of view. One of the promising approaches for reducing thermal conductivity with no deterioration of the electrical conductivity is formation of coherent nanometer- size precipitates dispersed in a TE matrix, thereby scattering of heat conducting phonons.

We process two-phase TE alloys comprising matrix and precipitates, and apply different heat treatments to obtain diverse microstructures. Supplemented by ab-initio calculations, we aim to “smartly-design” new materials processing in a time and cost-effective manner. Employing advanced characterization techniques, we analyze the materials structure and chemistry down to the nanometer length-scale. Finally, we measure the TE properties of these materials and correlate them with their microstructures. This helps us modeling the thermal conductivity in heterogeneous materials, and provides us with insight of the underlying physics. Besides possible improvements of TE properties, we endeavor to advance our understanding of how functional properties of materials depend on their microstructure.


  • “Advanced Topics in Materials Science – Transport Properties and Thermoelectric Materials (318124)” for graduate students.
  • “Advanced Students Laboratories (315002)” for undergraduate students (academic responsibility).
  • “Advanced Materials Selection (315012)” for undergraduate students.
  • “Thermodynamics of Materials (315003)” for undergraduate students.


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  • Thermoelectric materials;
  • Atom-probe tomography (APT);
  • Computational materials science based on the density functional theory (DFT);
  • Nickel-based superalloys;
  • Diffusion and mass transport in solids and short-circuit diffusion;
  • Phase transformations in materials;
  • Energetics of interfaces in crystalline solids.