New Program – to specialize in in the field of data computation

Program to specialize in a bachelor’s degree in materials engineering in the field of data computation –

Course cluster intended for students of the Materials Engineering program (four years) in the field of data computation,
graduates of the cluster will receive a certificate of internship from the faculty.

The cluster of courses on computation includes the following courses:

  • 2nd Semester: Introduction to Computer Python (4.0 credit points)
  • 4th Semester: Introduction to Data Analysis (3.5 credit points)
  • 5th Semester: Methods for Analyzing Materials Using a Computer (2 credit points)
  • 7th Semester: 2 out of the 3 following courses:
  • Introduction to Computational Science of Materials (2.5 credit points)
  • Project in Materials Engineering on Computational (3.0 credit points)
  • Data Management Course (2.0 credit points)

– The program opens in October 2020