Inorganic nanotubes: From WS2 to “misfit” layered compounds

events hall

Prof. Reshef Tenne


David Wang Auditorium, 3rd floor Dalia Meidan Bldg.


Update on the synthesis and characterization of new inorganic nanotubes from 2D compounds, like WS2, and from misfit layered compounds (MLC) will be reported. The stability of nanotubes from 2D compounds will be discussed from theoretical and experimental perspectives.

A few recent experiments encompassing the optical, electrical, electrooptical and electromechanical effects of WS2 (MoS2) nanotubes will be discussed as well. Potential applications and concluding remarks will be given at the end of the presentation.

Keywords: 2D materials; inorganic nanotubes; misfit layer compounds; WS2.

Host: Prof. Eugen Rabkin