Courses in Graduate Studies

Subject NumberSubject NamePointsSemesters
316240Elements of Crystallography2B
316424Solidification and Casting Technology2A
317531Computer Applications in Materials Eng.2
318000Properties of Ionic Materials2
318119Advanced Seminar in Materials Eng.6A+B
318124Advanced Topics in Materials Eng.2
318126Advanced Topics in Materials Eng. 22
318127Advanced Topics in Materials Eng. 32
318220Nucleation and Growth of Crystals2B
318221Structure & Composition of Solid Surface2
318235The Theory of Plastic Deformation2
318236Physics of Fracture in Solids2
318242Stress Analysis in Thin Films2
318243Nanostructuring Carbon-Based Materials2
318244Materials for Sensors2
318319Physical Fundamentals of Microstructure Developement2
318320Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Interface2
318321Advanced Topics in Thermodynamics2A
318322Powder Metallurgy2
318336Phase Transformation in Metals and Alloys2B
318337Diffusion and Mass Transfer in Solids2A
318422Advanced Composite Materials2B
318520Organic Electronics2
318525Transmission Electron Microscopy2B
318526X-Ray Diffraction2A
318527Dynamic Diffraction and its X-Ray Application2
318529Analytical Scanning Electron Microscopy2A
318541Near-Field Microscopy2
318600Dielectric Materials: Structure Properties2
318601Ferroelectric Materials2
318621Selected Topics in Plastic Materials2
318627Contacts and Metallization to Microelectronics2A
318630Structure of Interfaces2
318721Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces2
318722Properties of Crystalline Polymers2
318724Polymer Blends: Structure and Properties2
318819Corrosion Processes2
318820High Energy Density Electrochemical Systems2B
318822The Science of Ceramic Materials2