Corrosion and Applied Electrochemistry Group

Process diagram of molecules and substances

Group Leader: Prof. Yair Ein-Eli

The Corrosion and Applied Electrochemistry (CAE) group is a part of the Department of Material Science and Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Advanced electrochemical research with particular emphasis on practical aspects of the subject is the main object of our lab. In close collaboration with our academic and industrial partners, we develop and implement various innovative technologies in various fields, including energy (batteries, fuel cells), corrosion protection, electrocatalysis, and electroplating.



During the last years, we have specifically focused on the following research topics:

  • Solid-state Li batteries
    1. Development of advanced solid electrolytes
  • Advanced Li-ion battery materials
    1. Studying the cathode materials with high voltage (close to 5V)
    2. Mitigating cathode dissolution through an atomic layer deposition (ALD) coating of the cathode material in its powder form with metal fluorides
  • Advanced Metal-air battery materials
    1. Various air cathode configurations for Li-air battery
    2. Improvement of Otransportation using perfluoro-carbonates
    3. Ionic-liquid based electrolytes for Al-air batteries
  • Fuel cells (FC)
    1. Improved water management in PEM FC
    2. PEM FC bipolar plates with enhanced contact conductivity
    3. Corrosion mitigation of the Pt catalyst-carbon interfaces
  • Electroplating processes
    1. Copper electroplating in micro- and nano-electronics and advanced VLSI
    2. High temperature solar absorptive coatings
  • Corrosion mitigation study – development of various corrosion inhibitors and anticorrosion dopants
  • Catalyst-free electrochemical synthesis of Grignard reagents

On-going research projects:

  1. Development of copper-carbon nanotubes composite wires via electrochemical deposition for electrical transmission (Neta Itzhack, Ph.D. candidate)
  2. Non-aqueous electrolytes for Al-air batteries: based on organic solvents and additives (Natasha Ronith Levy, Ph.D. candidate)
  3. Advanced anodic materials for Na-based batteries (Natasha Ronith Levy, Ph.D. candidate)
  4. Solving the problem of catalyst durability in PEM FC (Mot Katan, MSc student)
  5. Analyzing the solid-state electrolyte interface impedance characteristics (Or Levit, MSc student)
  6. Magnesium solid-state batteries – advanced materials for a solid-state electrolyte (Dr. Sumana Kundu)
  7. Silicon-ion batteries – using ionic-liquid based electrolytes (Dr. Sumana Kundu)
  8. High voltage asymmetric supercapacitors modified by ALD (Chongrui Wu, MSc student)
  9. Single-particle analysis of electrode materials for Li-ion batteries (Nickolay Solomatin)
  10. Innovative methods for corrosion inhibition (Dr. Ekaterina Grishina and Dr. David Starosvetsky)

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