Olympus BX51 Light Microscope

מיקרוסקופיה אופטית ממוחשבת – המיקרוסקופיה האופטית כוללת מיקרוסקופ-אור המחובר למצלמת CCD ולמחשב עבור ניתוח תמונה אוטומטי. המערכת כוללת גם תוכנה מתקדמת לאנליזה כמותית של התמונות.


Includes a 3 Megapixel CCD digital camera (CAM-SC30) with 1/2″ chip and a computer with the software “Stream Essentials” for advanced imaging and analysis for materials science.

The software includes the following advanced modules:

  • Instant Extended Focus Image (EFI)– provides images for samples that extend beyond the standard depth of focus. The instant Extended Focus Image allows you to use the fine focus adjustment to combine many images at different z-levels to provide you with a single combined image that is entirely in focus.
  • Manual Multiple Image Alignment (MIA)– provides Multiple Image Alignment (MIA) to enable the creation of panoramic images of samples that extend beyond the field of view. The software then quickly stitches them together, providing you with a seamless image for observation or complex measurement. Simultaneous use of instant EFI is also possible.
  • Grain size measurement
  • Phase analysis

contact person: Mr. Michael Kalina