MoS2-based Nanocomposites for Water Decontamination

events hall

ביום ראשון, ה 7- במאי 2023 בשעה 14:30

באודיטוריום ע"ש דויד וואנג, בניין מידן, קומה 3

Dr. Ines Zucker

School of Mechanical Engineering and Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences. Tel-Aviv University.
George Wise Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo 6997801

Contamination of drinking water sources by a variety of organic and inorganic compounds demands more efficacious and reliable treatment technologies. However, conventional water treatment technologies remain chemically demanding, energy intensive, and ineffective in removing key trace contaminants. Nanotechnology-based approaches have been increasingly explored to enhance or replace traditional remediation methods because of the high reactivity and tunable-properties of nanomaterials. In her talk, Dr. Zucker will provide an overview on the current status of nano-enabled water decontamination, including promising opportunities and barriers for implementation. Specifically, the application of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) for heavy metal removal will be extensively discussed as a case study, where material properties, removal mechanisms, and large-scale applications are optimized.

Host: Asst. Prof. Joshua M. Grolman