Non-Volatile Nanomagnetic Spin Logic and Memory Devices

David Wang Auditorium, 3rd floor Dalia Maydan Bldg.
Dr. Sarjoosing Goolaup

Dr. Sarjoosing Goolaup, Division of Physics and Applied Physics,
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Semiconductor technology has rapidly evolved as the industry develops more
advanced product and process technologies for applications in end-use industries. The
high power consumption that comes with scaling and non-volatility associated with
CMOS has spurred research in alternative technologies. Spintronics is an emerging
field that aims to take advantage of the spin of electrons, to implement energy efficient
non-volatile solid-state electronic functions. In the first part of the talk, I will present
a dynamically programmable magnetic spintronic logic structure that is capable of
performing all basic logic functionalities on a single device. I will then discuss the
electrical switching of magnetic spin configurations and its potential application for
on-chip memory and logic devices.