Living in an (Advanced) Materials World

David Wang Auditorium, 3rd floor Dalia Maydan Bldg.
Prof. Peter Gregory

Prof. Peter Gregory, Editor in Chief of Advanced Materials

In Autumn 1988 research into molecular, nano, and functional materials was quite different to what it is today. In that year, the journal Advanced Materials started regular publication, receiving just 23 manuscripts (which arrived by post in envelopes with stamps on) by the time the new year dawned. In 2016 we have exceeded 7000 submissions and around 15% of those are published. And perovskites were in the news then for a completely different reason than they are today.

Peter Gregory, Editor in Chief of Advanced Materials from the start, will track some of the important developments and trends in the field and with the journal, providing some insight into what the Editors do to select manuscripts, and how authors can improve their chances of having manuscripts accepted. He will also look at the drivers and funding for open access and other publication models, the peer-review process and way things could be done differently, international tends, and talk to anybody who is enthused about where the field of functional (advanced) materials will go next.