Functional Materials for Intelligent Autonomous Systems

אודיטוריום ע"ש דיוויד וואנג, קומה 3, בנין דליה מידן
Dr. Aslan Miriyev

Dr. Aslan Miriyev

Columbia University in the City of New York, 500 W. 120th St. Mudd 220 New York NY 10027 USA ,

Engineering nature-like intelligent robots requires improvement of human-robot interaction by introducing compliant materials. The key challenge in this research field is development of materials allowing inherent actuation, sensing and computerized control.

In my talk I will present recently developed novel compact approach, allowing to replace conventional motors and existing massive soft-actuation solutions by self-contained composite materials, having the actuation ability as responsive inherent property. Specifically, I will present a 3D-printable silicone/ethanol composite material and its implementation as a soft artificial muscle. In addition, I will show my work on conductive elastomer composites, followed by successful fabrication of all-soft material-actuators with soft conductive heaters. Rheological-study-based automated single-step fabrication of silicone-matrix composites using a new-developed artificial muscle 3D-printer will be demonstrated.

I will discuss the remaining gaps towards the engineering of nature-like intelligent autonomous systems, including development of self-sensing soft-hard material systems with data-driven properties controlled by artificial intelligence (AI). Such structures should possess graded compliance and they should comprise of a wide spectrum of materials, including polymers, metals, ceramics and their composites. I see this engineering challenge as a natural next step in development of smart multifunctional composite materials, combining sensing and actuation capabilities.

Host: Prof. Yair Ein-Eli