Fibers and non-woven mats based on extremely long CNT

David Wang Auditorium, 3rd floor Dalia Maydan Bldg.
Dr. Shuki Yeshurun

Dr. Shuki Yeshurun

Tortech nano fibers Ltd.

Based on an exclusive license from Cambridge University (UK) we manufacture continuous fibers and non-woven mats with superior physical properties directly from gas phase reaction. In contrary to many other manufacturers which produce CNT in a form of powder, Tortech has the technology to produce continuous fibers and non- woven mats made from extremely long carbon nano-tubes (10 nano meter in diameter and length of sub to 1-2 mm). Non-woven mats are produced by continuous Floating Catalyst CVD process. Our technology yields macroscopic mats made purely from extremely long CNTs, without any additional binders. Our current mats are in the area of few m2 with thickness of 10-100 μm which can be tailored as desired. Due to the high aspect ratio of the CNTs and the unique production method, we can control the conductivity, mechanical, thermal and shielding properties. We demonstrate high EMI shielding properties in a large spectrum of frequencies, superior oil-water separation and water filtration membrane as well as effective energy storage electrodes. Our process also leads to excellent electrical properties with specific conductivity values at the range of 1e5 S/m/(gr/cm3). As our mats are made only from long CNTs, which are chemically inert, our materials can be used in corrosive environments as well. This also leads to the high thermal stability of our mats that can withstand temperatures of up to 450 ºC in air.

Tortech nano materials have superior properties in comparison to conventional carbon fibers in terms of thermal and electrical properties as well as large surface area and nano-surface activity. In this presentation, we will explore in details the advantages of using extremely long CNTs.