Alloy design for additive manufacturing and in-situ tailoring of properties

David Wang Auditorium, 3rd floor Dalia Maydan Bldg.
Associate Professor. K. G. Prashanth

Associate Professor. K. G. Prashanth

Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology Gjøvik, Norway

The decrease of weight and increase of efficiency (by added functionalities) in automobile and aerospace sectors are essential to reduce CO2-emission and to improve their performance. Additive manufacturing (AM) processes like the laser based powder bed fusion process (SLM) can produce parts with added functionalities (freedom in design) and of any shape, theoretically without limitations. Traditionally, conventional alloys developed for casting/wrought or powder metallurgical processes are used to fabricate parts using SLM.

In some alloys, this leads to undesirable effects like cracks (due to internal stresses), undesirable phases/microstructure, altered chemistry (vaporization of volatile elements), etc. The key challenge is to develop alloys for SLM. However, it is difficult because large volume of powders are required for parameter optimization and incurs specialized skill, considerable time and cost.

The present project explicitly addresses this challenge of alloy design by simulating SLM like conditions using the innovative process route. A novel route for developing alloys for SLM will be proposed. In addition, in-situ tailoring of the properties in these alloys will also be discussed in detail via changes in the scanning strategy or hatch style, contour variation and substrate plate heating.