Undergraduate Studies

Head of the Undergraduate Studies Program: Prof. Gitti Frey

The undergraduate studies are conducted within the framework of a joint program with either the Department of Physics or the Department of Chemistry. The joint program, which runs over a period of 4 1/2 years, allows the student to complete two course sets; one in Materials Engineering and the other in Physics or Chemistry. Graduates of the program receive two degrees: a B.Sc. in Materials Engineering and a B.Sc. in Physics or a B.Sc. in Chemistry, according to their chosen study program. This combination of an engineering degree and a scientific degree has proven itself as highly successful in acquisition of the proper skills required from a Materials Engineer/Scientist, resulting in a high demand from local industry for our graduates.

Undergraduate Studies

The program includes mandatory courses, providing the student with all the required basics for the different fields in materials engineering, while a wide choice of elective courses, together with a final project, enhance the student’s expertise in his or her primary field of interest. Senior students undertake final projects in Materials Science and Engineering in the research laboratories of the faculty, and in cooperation with industry.

Today ~ 310 students participate in these two programs. The first class of students graduated in 1992.

In addition to courses for the undergraduate Materials Science & Engineering program, the department also provides introductory courses in Materials Engineering to the following faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. Some of these courses include laboratory work performed in the Danziger Laboratories. In addition, the department offers advanced elective courses in Materials Engineering which are taken by students from a wide range of disciplines. Annually ~ 800 students from other Technion departments take advantage of the different undergraduate courses delivered at the Department of Materials Science & Engineering.

For more information: Oshrit Sander