Congratulations for prizes and appointments



June 2018:

  • Hanna Bishara for wining the Alfred and Yehuda Weisman Prize and the Muriel & David Jacknow Award for his work as a TA

May 2018:

  • Chen Hareli for winning the 2018 Seiden Prize for Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Projects in Nano Electronics

March 2018:

  • Professor Eugen Rabkin for winning the Henry Taub Prize for Academic Excellence
  • Assoc. Prof. Alejandro Sosnik for winning the Diane Sherman Prize

January 2017:

  • Prof. Wayne Kaplan received the title “Global Ambassador of The American Ceramic Society”
  • Dr. Drezner for receiving the new appointment of the student laboratory

November 2016:

  • Prof. Emeritus Moshe Eizenberg receives an award “Notable Honor of the City of Haifa” for the year 2016
  • Dr. Gary Frant on his retirement
  • Moran Balaish, Postdoctoral Student of Prof. Yair Ein-Eli
  • Tao Zang, Postdoctoral Student of Prof. Michael S. Silverstein
  • Kapil Dhaka. Postdoctoral Student of Asst. Prof. Maytal Caspary Toroker
  • Xu Xianbin, Postdoctoral Student of Prof. Emeritus Moshe Eizenberg

June 2016:

  • Oleg Koblanko for winning the best poster on: The equilibrium crystal shape of iron


May 2016:

  • Nathaniel Frankel, Student of Prof. Eisenberg for the Sherman Award
  • Roy Vinter, Student of Prof. Eisenberg for receiving Russell Berrie scholarship
  • Obochovski Stas, Student of Professor Gitti Frey for receiving Russell Berrie scholarship
  • Natav Yatom, Student of Professor Maytal Caspary Toroker for receiving Russell Berrie scholarship