List of Selected Publications

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Review papers



“Size effect in thin ferroelectric films”

Trends in Vacuum Science and Technology, Vol. 6, pp. 1-14, (2004).



“Size Effect on Ferroelectric Behavior”

Transactions of the IIM on Nano Science and Technology Vol. 58(6), pp. 1141-1156 (2005).


Accepted for Publication


Yadlovker and S. Berger,

“Controlled Growth and Nucleation of Ferroelectric and Dielectric Single-Crystal Nano-Rods inside Nanoporous Aluminum Oxide”

to be published in Sensors and Actuators B.


Submitted for Publication


Yasinov and S. Berger,

“Piezoelectric nano-rods grown inside porous alumina thin films”

Submitted to Sensors and Actuators B.




“Dielectric Properties of Nanoparticles”

Review chapter (#13) in a Book Series on Advances in Nanophase Materials and Nanotechnology, (Functionalization and Surface Treatment of Nanoparticles), Vol. Editor Marie Isabelle Baraton, Managing Editor, H.S. Nalwa, American Scientific Publishers, CA, USA, August, 2002.



“Dielectric Properties of Nanoparticles”

Review chapter in the Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and NanotechnologyTM Edited by H.S. Nalwa, American Scientific Publishers, CA, USA, March 2004.