Invited talks

 S. Berger
“ The effect of surface energy on the growth of non-linear nano-crystals with preferred crystallographic orientations”.
AnalytiX-2017,  March 22-24 (2017) Fukuoka Japan.

S. Berger and H. Beshara
“Developement of piezoelectric nano-Crystals structures for sensitive detectors”.  Collaborative Conference on Materials Research (CCMR) June 25-29 (2018),
Incheon , Seoul South Korea.

S. Berger and H. Beshara
“Developement of  Dielectric nano-Crystals Structures for Highly Sensitive Piezoelectric Detectors” , 26th International Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology,
October 4-5 (2018) Moscow, Russia.


Regular Talks

H. Beshara and S. Berger
“Highly sensitive mechanical  pressure detection by piezoelectricAlN thin films”.   EMA- Electronic materials&applications,
Orlando, Floeida, USA January 17-19 (2018).

H. Beshara and S. Berger
“3D piezoelectric nanocrystals  structure for detection of of ultra-small mechanical  pressure”. International conference &expo on advanced ceramics and compositions (ICACC- 2018),
Daytona Beach, Florida, January 21-26 (2018).