Prof. Schultes
Prof. Guenter Schultes has spent 3 months (January-March 2006) in our lab. He studied electrical conductivity of thin nano-composite films for highly sensitive pressure sensors applications. Details about Prof. Schultes and his group are given below.

Prof. Schultes

Prof. Schultes and his group
The “Micro and Thin Film Laboratry” at the Hochschule fur Tecknik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes (HTW, University of Applied Sciences) in Saarbruecken (Germany) was established in 2001 by Prof. Schultes. Prior to his appointment to the university, Prof. Schultes worked in industry for 11 years developing thin film sensors. Mr. Schultes received his diploma and his Ph.D. in physics from the university of Aachen (Germany). He was born in 1956 and is married with three children. Prof. Schultes teaches sensor technology, mechanics and microfabrication to engineering students. His research team consists of five staff interested in the field of thin films technology for sensor applications mainly used for force, pressure, torque and acceleration monitoring. In a first project, tantalum films and certain conducting ceramics like TiB2, WSi2, TiSi2 and ITO were examined for their use in such sensors. More recent work has focused on the piezoresistive properties of nickel containing amorphous hydrogen thin films. A gauge factor (strain sensitivity) of 8 has been developed using this material.

The laboratory is equipped with a SEM microscope, different sputtering machines including r.f. and d.c. sources, mass spectroscopy as well as equipment for the characterization of force and torque sensors. The installation of a cluster beam source (from the Haberland group of the university of Freiburg) used simultaneously with a conventional sputtering is currently in progress.

 Prof. Schultes Group

Prof. Guenter Schultes

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