Dr. Yaron Kauffmann

Yaron Kauffmann

  • B.Sc. + B.A 1998 (Haifa, Technion)
  • M.Sc. 2002 (Haifa, Technion)
  • Ph.D. 2006 (Haifa, Technion)

After receiving his PhD, Dr. Kauffmann joined the technical staff of the electron microscopy center at the department of materials science and engineering at the Technion. He is in charge of the transmission electron microscopes (TEM) and is deeply involved in many research studies in the Technion which involve TEM work. His TEM work includes:

  • Investigation of various types of materials (ceramic, semiconductors, metals and polymers) with different methods (such as HRTEM, HRSTEM, EELS and EFTEM).
  • Development of image processing software for analysis of TEM micrographs.
  • In-situ TEM heating experiments.