Assoc. Prof. Rachman Chaim

Rachman Chaim
De Jour, 604

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  • B.Sc. 1979 (Ben-Gurion Univ.)
  • M.Sc. 1981 (Ben-Gurion Univ.)
  • D.Sc. 1984 (Technion)

After receiving his doctorate in Materials Engineering, Dr. Chaim spent two years as a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, Ohio. In 1987 he joined the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at Technion. During 1995-96 he was on sabbatical leave at Lehigh University, Pennsylvania and during 2001-02 at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, California. He is a member of the American Ceramic Society, The Materials Research Society and the Israel Society for Microscopy.

Research topics: Nanocrystalline ceramics: Transparent and fully-dense nanocrystalline ceramics, their property – microstructure relationships, Stability and phase transitions, Effects of surfaces and interfaces on ceramic properties, spark plasma sintering (SPS) and the related densification mechanisms.

link to personal website : Commentary-חומר למחשבה