Prof. Gitti Frey

Gitti Frey
Meidan, 608

  • PhD: 1999 (Weizmann Institute, Israel)

Gitti received her Ph.D. from the Department of Materials and Interfaces at the Weizmann Institute in 1999. She spent the following 3 years as a Marie Curie Postdoc Fellow in the Optoelectronics Group of the Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Physics, Cambridge, UK. Since September 2002 she is in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at the Technion, leading the Hybrid Materials and Devices Research Group.

The research objective of the Hybrid Materials and Devices Research Group is: To co-assemble organic and inorganic precursors into opto-electronically functional hybrid (composite) materials for high performance device”.

Optoelectronic processes in molecules, molecular assemblies, thin films and solids are the essence of emerging technologies such as lighting and display applications, communication, and solar energy conversion. Correlating the optoelectronic properties of materials with their structure provides not only basic photo-physical understanding, but also the prospect to tailor-synthesize functional materials, leading to novel applications. In our group we design, synthesize, characterize and study optoelectronically functional organic/inorganic interfaces.