Assoc. Prof. Alejandro Sosnik

Alejandro Sosnik
De Jour, 607

  • Pharmacy degree (1994) (5 years plan), Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • D. in Applied Chemistry (2003), Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. (M.Sc. equivalency to direct access to Ph.D. program between 1998-1999)
  • Postdoctoral, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto, Canada

Alejandro Sosnik is Professor at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. He received his Pharmacy degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the University of Buenos Aires in 1994, carrying out his professional stage in the pharmacy of a public hospital and volunteering afterwards in the pharmacy of a public pediatric hospital in Buenos Aires for more than one year. During his undergraduate studies, he was also teaching assistant in analytical chemistry and organic chemistry. After two years as junior research scholar of the University of Buenos Aires in the field of organic chemistry (1993-5), he worked as research pharmacist in the Department of Chemistry of the Argentine regulatory agency (equivalent to the US-FDA), a dependency of the Ministry of Health of Argentina (1996). In early 1997, he emigrated to Israel where after obtaining the pharmacist license, he continued his graduate studies, receiving M.Sc. (equivalency, 1998) and Ph.D. degrees in applied chemistry (polymeric biomaterials) from the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 2003) under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Cohn. In 2003-6, Prof. Sosnik spent a postdoctoral in the laboratory of Professor Michael Sefton (Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry/Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada) working in the development of hybrid matrices for cell culture and tissue engineering. Between 2006 and 2013, Prof. Sosnik was Assistant Professor (tenure) of Pharmaceutical Technology at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry (University of Buenos Aires) and Investigator of the National Science Research Council of Argentina (CONICET, tenure). In this period, he established a research group that worked at the interface of drug crystallization and processing, biomaterials science, nanotechnology and microtechnology, drug delivery and therapeutics. In this context, he supervised three junior staff scientists (CONICET), five postdocs (CONICET) and four Ph.D. theses at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry of the University of Buenos Aires. Prof. Sosnik established the “Iberoamerican Network of New Materials for the Design of Advanced Drug Delivery Systems in Diseases of High Socioeconomic Impact” (RIMADEL) of the CYTED Program that gathered eleven research groups and companies of Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina and over 75 scientists and served as its international coordinator in the period 2011-2013. He also served as advisor of several Argentine pharmaceutical companies in scientific, technical and intellectual property issues. Owing to its multidisciplinary background and expertise at the interface of drug research and development and polymeric biomaterials, in 2014, Prof. Sosnik was appointed Associate Professor of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Technion-Israel Institute of Technology where he founded the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Nanomaterials Science. He currently supervises one postdoc, nine graduate students and six undergraduate students.  In the last two years, he was awarded the Marie Reintegration Grant of the European Commission for the period 2014-2018 and other competitive Israeli and European grants. His current research lines comprise drug self-assembly and crystallization phenomena and processing, polymer and macromolecular chemistry, biomaterials science, colloidal chemistry (drug and polymer self-assembly), mucoadhesive drug delivery systems, nanomedicine (drug encapsulation, release and targeting), therapy of poverty-related diseases (HIV, tuberculosis), pediatric cancer, intestinal diseases and pharmacokinetics (oral, inhalatory and intranasal administration routes) in both preclinical and clinical trials. He was promoted to the rank of Professor in July 2020. He was Visiting Professor and Scientist at the National University of Colombia (Colombia), the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (South Africa), North-West University at Potchefstroom (South Africa), the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico), the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Spain), the Free University of Berlin (Germany), the National Institute of Materials Science (Japan), the University of Helsinki (Finland), the University of Toronto (Canada), the National University of Singapore (Singapore) and The National Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal) and several Israeli universities, where he taught graduate courses and presented invited conferences. In addition, he has served and serves as evaluator for more than twenty national and international research funding agencies and universities. Prof. Sosnik is co-author of over 150 peer-reviewed articles, reviews, editorials and book chapters in areas of drug and pharmaceutical research and development and innovation, biomaterials science, drug delivery and targeting, and nanomedicine and co-inventor in several patents and patent applications related to biomedical and pharmaceutical innovation.