The Materials Industrial Affiliates Program

These days the Department of Materials Science & Engineering marks 58 years. The faculty, which is considered to be a quality and a leader one, has 1,270 graduates,   650 of them has BSC degree, 460 Masters and 160 Doctors. Our students acquire knowledge, abilities and comprehension through research And tutorials with faculty senior staff and leader in researchers. The Department of Materials Science & Engineering encourages and seeks to cooperate with Industry in order to meet the mutual needs of the business and industry area, as well as the academic one.  The subject of students and graduates integration in the Industry is part of the faculty responsibility. These days we are establishing an Industry Club, the affiliate program industrial (MIAP – Materials Industrial Affiliates Program), that will help and encourage collaboration of this type.

Joining this business partners program includes elements of education and teaching, human resources, research and developments as well as public relations and marketing. The components shown below are used as a close collaboration between the faculty and the industrial companies participating in the program. In addition, the companies are invited to suggest new ideas and challenging entrepreneurship, as well as taking part in enriching the dialogue and mutual goals of all parties, in order to deepen the collaboration and ensure that growth opportunities for all parties involved in this project, will successfully be exhausted.

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Industrial Partners


The Benefit Package