Novel Electrolyte Materials for Energy Applications

events hall

Dr. Haijin Zhu




The quest for safer, more reliable and high-performance energy storage and conversion devices has motivated the development of new solid state electrolytes as alternatives to the conventional liquid electrolytes which are flammable and incompatible with the next-generation technology. Solid electrolytes with the capability of transporting target ions such as Li+, Na+ and H+ in solid phases are particularly important for regulating the electrochemical performances of the devices. Among the various strategies, organic ionic plastic crystals (OIPCs) and polymerisable ionic liquids are arising as promising candidates owing to several intrinsic properties including high ionic conductivity and good flexibility. Nevertheless, the research area of organic solid electrolyte is rapidly evolving, and new material chemistry and technology that can provide a higher ionic conductivity and superior chemical/electrochemical stability are highly desired. In this talk, I will summarize and highlight the key findings, opportunities and challenges of two important families of solid electrolyte materials: OIPCs and polymerisable ionic liquids. Our work is strongly featured by the used of multi-nuclear NMR spectroscopy and PFG-NMR in addressing the fundamental questions of ion transport mechanisms in these materials. At the end of the talk, I will briefly summarize the research opportunities and outlook in the area of electrolyte materials, and future research plans at GTIIT.

The lecture will take place via ZOOM.