Innovative electrochemical systems and functional materials

MSE Dept., Dalia Maydan Bldg., Seminar Room 609, 6th floor.
Dr. Guo-Ming Weng

Dr. Guo-Ming Weng

New York University, USA

Advanced electrochemical systems and functional materials affect most aspects of life today. They are crucial for technologies ranging from energy generation and storage to medical, industrial and aerospace electronics. These areas all require electrochemical systems and functional materials which satisfy increasingly demanding performance specifications. Innovation is imperative to reach these goals.

In this seminar, Guo-Ming Weng will first present innovative electrochemical systems (i.e., air battery, hydrogen battery and vanadium-metal hydride battery) using neutralization energy. The overall reaction of such system consumes one proton and one hydroxide ion in the production of one H2O molecule, corresponding to a Gibbs energy change ΔGo=-79.89 kJ mol-1.

Their advantages and working principle will also be discussed. He will then present ultra-high-energy-density aqueous and nonaqueous flow batteries using novel redox active species. The concept of flow battery, the story behind these findings and their electrochemical performance will also be shared. Finally, he will present two kinds of new carbon-based functional materials for both electromagnetic shielding and energy storage applications.