From Soft Matter Nano-technology to Nano-medicine and Nano-toxicity

אודיטוריום ע"ש דיוויד וואנג, קומה 3, בנין דליה מידן
Dr. Sergio Moya

Dr. Sergio Moya

CIC biomaGUNE, San Sebastian, Spain

Polyelectrolytes polymers with repetitive charged units, can be considered as ideal building blocks for nanofabrication as they have a size in the nano range; they are easy to assembly, synthesize or even pattern on almost any surface; and have a responsive behavior, changing conformation and size in response to changes in the environment such as variations in ionic strength or pH.

We have explored the use of polyelectrolytes in nanofabrication and as part of hybrid materials for the development of surface coatings, and the engineering and fabrication of nanoparticles, with a focus on biomedical applications. Work performed in the last years in our group on polyelectrolyte multilayers, polymer brushes and other supramolecular assemblies will be reviewed. The presentation will cover different aspects of our work, such as the engineering of colloidal particles with polyelectrolytes, lipids and virus like nanoparticles for sensor fabrication; the use of polyelectrolyte multilayers for controlling cell adhesion, the fabrication of supramolecular phosphate polyamine assemblies for the delivery of silencing RNA.

Studies on the biological fate and toxicity of polymer nanoparticles and supramolecular assemblies will be as well presented, together with the different strategies developed within the group to study the degradation and aggregation of nanomaterials both in vivo and in vitro combining techniques such as Positron Imaging Tomography, and Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy.