Tescan S9000X – Dual Beam Plasma FIB

Xe+ ion-based plasma microscope combined with a high-resolution scanning electron microscope.

This microscope allows to slice samples and prepare side cuts using an ion beam in all types of materials. Its primary advantage is the possibility of removing large amounts of material at high flows and in a relatively short time.

In addition, TEM Site Specific samples can be prepared while avoiding the Ga+ damage caused by a conventional FIB. In addition, 3D tomography can be performed for large volumes at low currents.

The device is also equipped with a TOF-SIMS  (Time of Flight – Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy) system that allows highly sensitive and accurate surface analysis of surfaces, thin layers, diffusion profiles, intermediate surfaces, semiconductors, polymers, metals and more.

contact person: Dr. Galit Atiya and Mr. Michael Kalina