Medical Sciences and Materials Engineering

The technological revolution and the new challenges in the field of medicine.

It will need new developments and solutions that will be based on an in-depth understanding of materials and their physical, chemical, mechanical, electronic, optical and other properties.

The double-degree program in medical sciences and materials engineering provides its graduates with a rich and diverse “toolbox” that is essential for a variety of specializations in the medical and research fields. This winning combination of medical sciences and materials engineering imparts engineering capabilities and proficiency in scientific thinking. Graduates of this program will be capable of taking leading roles in either of the fields separately and in the areas of research, development and industry requiring expertise in medicine and in materials.

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Department of Medicine are offering this prestigious double-degree program of excellence that is unique in Israel: a BSc in Materials Engineering and a BSc in Medical Sciences.

The duration of this double-degree program is 5 years (not including the clinical component and internship).

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