Topologically stabilized spin configurations in rare-earth-based systems using polarized neutron scattering

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Dr. Amitesh Paul


Seminar by ZOOM


I will discuss some general aspects of structural and magnetic correlations that can be accessed by various neutron and x-ray scattering techniques at the low-angle. I will start with past research highlights using polarized neutron scattering. Eventually, I will introduce the case of topologically stabilized spin configurations like helices in the form of planar domain walls with magnetic functionalities in transition metal/rare-earth and rare-earth/rare-earth systems. Recently, using magnetization and susceptibility as a function of temperature along with thermo-remanent magnetization measurements we have confirmed superspin-glass type of behavior within a rare-earth/rare-earth system of Dy/Tb. Interestingly, a detailed analysis of the polarized neutron reflectometry profiles has established evidence of superimposed helical magnetic configurations within both materials of Dy and Tb associated with spin-frustrated interfaces. The realization of such spin configurations opens up the opportunity for scientific and technological applications in increasing the energy density for all-spin-based systems. Lastly, I will discuss some possible future projects that are ongoing at different stages

Host: Prof. Moshe Eizenberg

Technion: 12:30 Israel time, via zoom

GTIIT: 18:30 China time, Room R202